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About Us

The Brand

Our customers define our brand because whatever we do and however we do it, we do it to make them happy. So in order to know our brand you should know our customer.

If you are a Bradshaw or a Waldorf or someone who is still laying down the foundations of your personal style, you will find something for yourself here. We do not abide by the fashion rules, however we do believe in the idea that some effort must go in the way you look everyday, and everyone wants to look good everyday.

Candidly Couture is our two cents in dressing girls for the best years of their lives!


WHY we do what we do?

Everything we do is to ensure girls look their best at all times. We believe in shaking things up, in thinking differently and providing exactly the right set of products to complete a wardrobe!


HOW we do what we do?

We understand everybody wants to look amazing but not with the same kind of clothes. We spend dedicated time identifying trendy, fashionable and most importantly dynamic styles which will suit our customers. Further, we help our customers get exactly what suits them through our live stylist service.


WHAT is it that we do?

Fashion is seasonal, while style is eternal. At Candidly Couture we are not selling Fashion, we are helping customers find their style irrespective of their age. So it doesn't matter if a  girl is 13 or 45, we dress her for the best years of her life.


The Team

For a long time, our team just consisted of the one person, the founder who acted as the creator, the designer, the sales person, the customer care representative and at times the delivery person. From a small Facebook page to a full-fledged website, the ride has been fun albeit bumpy, we have picked up and dropped off a few co-passengers. We are now a core team of two people, who are as different from each other as two people can be, yet they work in collusion everyday and love every minute of it.


Ishita Sharma, Founder

Armed with a degree in Botany (Don’t ask!) she spent most of her time post graduation switching jobs and being a major pain for her parents. A year and some 400 jobs later, she decided to turn her love for shopping online into a full time job from where it snowballed into running a company.

 She runs the creative end of things and hates talking numbers. Been born and raised in Delhi, she loves winters, momos and old book stores  (and picking up a fight).


Ishita's journey was recently chronicled in Your Story.

You can contact Ishita directly at